I'm Cynthia Demorest, Amplify POUND Pro Instructor and REFIT Instructor.  I've been teaching POUND since 2013. In July 2018, I recently became a certified REFIT Instructor. I'm a wife, mother of two, empty-nester, and a Director of Human Resources for a manufacturing company in San Diego.   


My fitness instructor journey started when I implemented wellness in my company. I started bringing group fitness classes and boot camp to my employees during lunch and after work. Then decided one day of becoming the instructor so I can offer the classes for free to my employees.  I fell in love with teaching fitness that I started offering classes at the local community centers and gyms. Soon I realized that teaching group fitness classes offer so much more than exercise.  My students  gain friendship and received love and support from each other. We’ve become a community, a posse! I absolutely love my students. They have also given me lots of love that I enjoy this job more and look forward to seeing my students after my day job!

I teach POUND and now REFIT - both programs offer a full body workout for all ages regardless of fitness level focused on music and movement.  My students learn to love fitness because POUND and REFIT isn’t your ordinary workout.  It’s lots of fun!  It’s a rockout workout! It’s a party. Come to my next class and see for yourself.  Your first class is always free! 

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